Bloomberg’s Small Business Report with John Tucker reports that a rise in small business confidence and improved consumer demand is helping propel a gauge of franchise businesses higher.  The franchise business index, developed by IHS insight on behalf of IFA, increased by 0.3 percent in February which is the sixth consecutively monthly gain, reported Tucker.  The measure shows the economic environment for franchise businesses by examining employment indicators, personal consumption, small business optimism and credit availability of the industry.

John Tucker reports that in an industry with more than 735,000 franchise businesses last year, employing more than 7.9 million workers and bringing in $745 billion in sales, around 80% still say limited access to credit is holding them back.   

Click here to listen to John Tucker’s Small Business Report on IFA’s Franchise Business Index. 

Here are some other news clips covering the release of the FBI, which will be released each month going forward:

Posted by Jenna Weisbord, IFA Manager of Communications & Marketing