A report from SBA’s latest Small Business Jobs Tour

Active IFA advocate John Francis (PostNet, Saint Paul, MN) participated in the latest SBA Roundtable Jobs Tour stop this month in Saint Paul, MN. Some background: In January, President Obama issued an Executive Order instructing federal agencies to identify and take steps to reduce regulations that are outdated or overly burdensome to entrepreneurs. This roundtable series is part of the Administration’s overall “Startup America” efforts to support for startups and entrepreneurs with tools and resources to grow America’s economy and win the future. As part of this Startup America initiative, senior Obama Administration officials will visit eight cities to meet with entrepreneurs and hear directly from them on ideas and suggestions for reducing barriers and regulations to build a more supportive environment for entrepreneurship and innovation. 

This recent roundtable attended by John showcases the importance of IFA’s Franchise Congress in continuing the dialogue between the SBA and the franchise industry; it is critical that the Obama Administration, particularly the SBA, continues to hear how critical franchising is to job growth across the country.

Using the input from these roundtables, the Administration will produce a report highlighting ideas to streamline and simplify unnecessary barriers to America’s entrepreneurs. These ideas will be incorporated into the agencies’ responses to the President’s Executive Order. 

The IFA has participated in the following events:

  • The first Startup America: “Reducing Barriers” roundtable was held in Durham, N.C., on March 3, and was attended by Franchise Congress member Chris Winslow (System 7 Franchising, Raleigh, NC).
  • Another roundtable was held April 6, and was attended by Franchise Congress member John Francis(PostNet, Saint Paul, MN).

The remaining roundtables are being planned in the following cities, with dates and locations still being determined: Boston, MA; Silicon Valley, CA; Atlanta, GA; Pittsburgh, PA; Boulder, CO. The IFA will work to match Franchise Congress members with the upcoming roundtables as dates and other logistics are released.

Feel free to contact Meredith Nethercutt, IFA’s advocacy director, at mnethercutt@franchise.org if you would like more information on the roundtable series. 

Posted by Meredith Nethercutt, IFA Director of Advocacy