Aziz Hashim addresses the uncertainty and regulations affecting small businesses



IFA’s Annual Public Affairs Conference gathered more than 400 franchise business leaders in Washington this week to educate Congress about public policy issues that impact the economic health of franchise small businesses.  Multi-unit franchisee and President and CEO of National Restaurant Development, Aziz Hashim spoke with FOX Business to address the uncertainty and regulations that are hindering his growth and how this administration is affecting small businesses.

Aziz Hashim who owns 13 Popeye’s and 23 dominos franchises explains that he is expanding, but not nearly as fast as he knows he is capable of and has done in past years.  “We have to plan for some of these regulatory uncertainties and decide whether we want to expand,” Hashim told FOX.  What Hashim wants regulators to consider is that one size doesn’t always fit all, “we wish that we would be consulted on some of these regulations so that we can have a chance to participate in their formulation.”  Hashim noted that he doesn’t see the President consulting and understanding the issues small businesses face.

With the willingness and readiness to expand his businesses Hashim hopes that this administration will see the economic impact of franchise businesses and the need for tax certainty.  “Anticipation of the expiration of some of the tax credits is an example of something that is really going to hurt our ability to grow business,” Hashim stated.

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