Businesses Need Comprehensive Tax Reform Now to Grow

IFA Pres. & CEO Steve Caldeira, CFE, and Business Roundtable Pres. John Engler summarized their insights on what it takes to help businesses thrive:  comprehensive tax reform.  The recent op-ed has appeared in publications across the United States and Canada.

“Modernizing and simplifying our outdated tax system, in a comprehensive manner for both large and small businesses is a necessary catalyst for more robust business investment, a stronger economy and a healthier job market with wage growth that creates more opportunities for all Americans,” they wrote.

The two business leaders agree that “Comprehensive tax reform should simplify the tax system and allow American businesses and their workers to compete and win both at home and abroad. And in today’s modern economy, small businesses compete and increasingly win globally; in fact, approximately 26 percent of globally engaged U.S. companies are classified by the U.S. government as small businesses.”

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