IFA Social Sector Task Force to Launch Mentor Network


The Board of Directors of the International Franchise Association established the Social Sector Task Force to explore leveraging the methods used in commercial franchising to benefit organizations serving the most vulnerable people in the world.

Social sector franchising is the application of commercial franchising concepts to achieve socially beneficial ends. Social sector franchising has been used in areas of health and other product and service distribution and has created opportunities for local entrepreneurs to deliver a variety of products and services in underserved communities worldwide.

The IFA Social Sector Task Force believes that IFA members can provide meaningful and needed advisory assistance to the devoted efforts of social sector franchisors and franchisees to expand their reach and enhance the quality of their services. Though these social franchise systems often operate in uniquely challenging circumstances, the goal of creating franchise organizations that can consistently provide consumers a sustainable level of quality products and services is a common goal every franchisor shares. Coupled with the principles of franchising management, your support and talent can provide to social franchisors and franchisees life changing and often life-saving impact.

With this idea in mind, the IFA Social Sector Task Force is creating a mentor network. Social Sector Task Force Mentors will share their knowledge of and experience in franchising with social sector franchisor management and franchisees.

The Social Sector Task Force invites you to apply to become a mentor. Task Force Chair and Managing Director of MSA Worldwide, Michael Seid expressed “Applying the power of franchising to creating solutions and delivering quality products and services to the poor worldwide is a journey that is long overdue. I and the other members of the IFA Social Sector Task Force are excited to make it with you.”

To learn more, visit the Social Sector Task Force’s new site www.socialsectorfranchising.org. To apply to become a mentor, please click here.

International Committee Chair and Board Member Represent IFA at UAE Franchise Conference

International Committee Chair and Past IFA Chair Mike Isakson and current IFA Board Member Tabbassum Mumtaz, President and CEO, Apex Restaurants Management, Inc. represented IFA at the inaugural ““The International Franchise Conference” November 6th and 7th in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE).  Organized by the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ADCCI), the conference sought to raise awareness of franchising among Emirati firms, introduce the latest worldwide franchising standards and offer a range of franchise opportunities to assist in the development of the UAE economy.

His Excellency Mohammed Helal Al Muhairi, Director General of the Abu Dhabi Chamber expressed “Franchising is one of the most prominent systems, practices and mechanisms of a successful global economy in expanding businesses to new economic zones and diverse economic fields, which franchising achieves from transferring techniques, practices and capabilities in management, marketing and expertise across the globe.”

Chairman Isakson made presentations to the conference on the role of franchising in global business development and types of franchising.  Tabbassum Mumtaz joined Isakson’s lecture on the role of franchising to share his experience as a successful franchisee.  During the conference, Mike Isakson signed an MOU expressing IFA’s support of ADCCI’s efforts to develop and promote franchising in the UAE.  Isakson and Mumtaz also had private meetings with Mohammed Helal Al Muhairi and members of the ADCCI Board.

Isakson Abu Dhabi

From Left to Right: Khalfan El Kaabi, Board Member of ADCCI, Mike Isakson,   Mohammed H. Al Muhairi, Director General of ADCCI, H.E. Michael Corbin, U.S. Ambassador and John Simmons, Regional Senior Commercial Officer for the Gulf

Mumtaz Isakson

From Left to Right: John Simmons, Regional Senior Commercial Officer for the Gulf, Mohammed A. J. Al Sayegh, CEO of Automotive Engineering & Board Member of ADCCI, H.E. Michael Corbin, U.S. Ambassador, Mike Isakson, Khalfan El Kaabi, ADCCI Board Member, Tabbassum Mumtaz


Mike Isakson signing the MOU with Mohammed Al Muhairi, Director General of ADCCI. At the back, from left to right: Manal El Masry, Commercial Specialist, Amal A. Moaty, ADCCI, Fred Aziz, Commercial Officer, Dr. Abdul Rehim Al Rayah, ADCCI, Salma El Mansoori, ADCCI, Dr. John Hayes, Mohamed El Ansari, ADCCI, Chantal Zimmer, France Franchise Federation and Dr. Hatem Zaki, Egyptian Franchise Development Association



Trade Mission stops in Dalian China

The U.S. Franchise Trade Mission rolled into Dalian, China on November 7, their final stop on a tour of four cities that include Beijing, Chongqing, Nanjing and Dalian.

Dalian lies at the tip of the Liaodong peninsula and has a population of more than 6.5 million people. Driving in from the airport besides the massive cranes and the 2nd largest port in China, the city was awash with new building construction and the accompanying cranes to build them.

It is estimated that by 2015, more than half the building construction in the world will occur in China!

Morning session in Dalian – Scott Lehr, IFA

Morning session in Dalian – Scott Lehr, IFA

Stephen Green is the principal commercial officer in Dalian and with the assistance of his team arranged for all the meetings with the investors in cooperation with the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, a very well connected organization and a key partner with the U.S. Commercial Service.

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CFE Program Launches in Australia




The Franchise Council of Australia and the International Franchise Association formally launched the Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) program at the FCA’s National Franchise Conference in Brisbane, October 20-22. A Study Tour group of IFA members, led by IFA Chairman Steve Romaniello, CFE, Managing Director, Roark Capital Group, Steve Caldeira, CFE, President & CEO, IFA, and John Reynolds, CFE, President, IFA Educational Foundation, participated in the conference program, CFE sessions, and a 3-day visit with FCA members in Melbourne and Sydney, following the conference.

Members of the delegation are Steve Caldeira, CFE, president & CEO, IFA, John Reynolds, CFE, president, IFA Educational Foundation, Bill Edwards, CFE, CEO, Edwards Global Services and International Affairs Committee vice-chair, Rogelio Martinez, CFE, vice president, International Development, Tutor Doctor Systems, Duane Messerschmidt, director, International Sales and Support, The Johnny Rockets Group, Tabbassum Mumtaz, president, Apex Restaurant Management and IFA Board member, Crystal Bednar, operations manager, Apex Restaurant Management, and Amit Pamecha, CFE, CEO, FranConnect. FCA members, led by FCA Chairman Michael Paul, President, Pack & Send, and FCA Education Manager, Simon Heggen, joined the group for the site visits and meetings.

During the conference IFA and FCA leaders met with Bruce Billson, Federal Member of Parliament, and Minister for Small Business. Look for expanded coverage of this story in the January issue of IFA’s Franchising World magazine.


Nanjing, China

The U.S. Franchise Trade Mission arrived in Nanjing, China on November 5, their 3rd stop on a tour of four cities that include Beijing, Chongqing, Nanjing and Dalian.

Excited from their business meetings in Chongqing, the franchise delegates were eager experience this dynamic fast growing city.

Driving into the city from a very modern and clean airport, the first thing you notice is the construction of a brand new highway complete with elaborate trees and landscaping lining the new highway. The city sits next to a beautiful lake and even more landscaping and boats out in the water. A very livable city would best describe Nanjing which boasts more than 7 million people. Nanjing means “Southern Capital” and has been the capital of China on several occasions in its history.

Don Burleson of Jani-King in discussions with investors in Nanjing.

Don Burleson of Jani-King in discussions with investors in Nanjing.

The Commercial Service team from Shanghai was supporting this leg of the mission and Dave Averne, Janet Li and Clarke Zhang met the group at the hotel to provide an update on the schedule for the next day.

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