Iwry Announced for IFA Public Affairs Conference


We’ve just added another speaker to the lineup for IFA’s Public Affairs Conference. Mark Iwry of the U.S. Treasury Department will participate in the panel “The Administration’s Take On The ACA – Education & Implementation For Your Business”. That panel will discuss implementation, compliance and resources available for the Affordable Care Act. You can still register for the Public Affairs Conference over at .org.

You can read Iwry’s full bio below

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Franchise Congress and the Public Affairs Conference video

The Public Affairs Conference was a huge success bringing together franchise business leaders in Washington. We put together a short recap of the event that does a great job pulling out some of the important reasons why people go. The video ends with information on how to get involved in Franchise Congress. Franchise Congress is IFA’s grassroots program  to increase our impact on issues that affect the success of franchising. While the Public Affairs Conference is a great event, we need business leaders engaged year round. You can watch the video below and follow this link to receive more information about the program.

Aziz Hashim addresses the uncertainty and regulations affecting small businesses



IFA’s Annual Public Affairs Conference gathered more than 400 franchise business leaders in Washington this week to educate Congress about public policy issues that impact the economic health of franchise small businesses.  Multi-unit franchisee and President and CEO of National Restaurant Development, Aziz Hashim spoke with FOX Business to address the uncertainty and regulations that are hindering his growth and how this administration is affecting small businesses.

Aziz Hashim who owns 13 Popeye’s and 23 dominos franchises explains that he is expanding, but not nearly as fast as he knows he is capable of and has done in past years.  “We have to plan for some of these regulatory uncertainties and decide whether we want to expand,” Hashim told FOX.  What Hashim wants regulators to consider is that one size doesn’t always fit all, “we wish that we would be consulted on some of these regulations so that we can have a chance to participate in their formulation.”  Hashim noted that he doesn’t see the President consulting and understanding the issues small businesses face.

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ICYMI: Day 2 Political Panel – PAC 2012 #FranchiseJobs

The second day of the IFA Public Affairs Conference got off to a resounding start Tuesday morning with spirited political panel with Ed Gillespie and Terry McAuliffe, the former Chairmen of the RNC and DNC respectively. Each gave their analysis of the presidential election thus far, their predictions, and how it would affect small businesses, particularly in the franchising industry.

Gillespie highlighted key factors concerning IFA members, such as the high unemployment rate (still above 8%), lack of job creation (less jobs exist than when Obama entered office), and the prevalent economic uncertainty. McAuliffe touched on President Bill Clinton’s jobs record and discussed the importance of bipartisan cooperation and more pro-business policy.

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In Case You Missed It: How To Influence Your Members of Congress – PAC 2012 #FranchiseJobs

The second panel discussion of the day took an in-depth look at the most effective ways for franchisers to communicate with their respective members of Congress. Moderated by Anna Palmer from Politico, Kim Jaworski of Congressman John Larson’s office, Brendan Belair of Congressman John Carter’s office, and Bo Bryant from McDonald’s all shared their personal experiences with constituent issues and how they felt members of the IFA would have the most success in communicating their needs to their elected officials.

They elaborated on several ways to do so, but their message came down to five basic points.

  1. Be direct with what you are asking for. There is no sense is beating around the bush because the only thing that results from indirectness is miscommunication and wasted time for both parties.
  2. Take advantage of every opportunity to share your concerns and goals. The amount of constituent mail that Congressional offices receive is staggering. Make sure to keep focused on maintaining contact so that you are remembered and stand out among the masses.
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