Marketing Tips for Multi-Unit Franchisees

Do your marketing efforts answer the question:  “Why should I do business with you?”

186250894 [Converted] copyWhile the April issue of Franchising World magazine, which focuses on multi-unit franchising, will be available soon, there’s plenty of practical advice for multi-unit franchisees elsewhere.

Are you seeking marketing guidance?  The March magazine includes usable steps from AdGeo Pres. Charles Austin about the significance of utilizing the right message first.  “Your franchise’s message is the foundation on which all marketing efforts are built,” writes Austin. “It sums up your value proposition − the overarching benefit you provide to your customers. A good message platform resonates with customers and potential customers and answers the question, why should I do business with you?”

Austin also recommends that multi-unit franchisees take advantage of their franchisor’s experience “whenever it is available.”

The next important step Austin offers involves measuring your marketing spend.  “First, you can determine which marketing activities are most successful and redirect resources from nonperforming tactics to those that are showing strong returns. Second, when creating new campaigns, you can draw upon previously measured results to make better decisions the first time through. Third, you can use the data gleaned from marketing results to improve business operations.”

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Increase Your Digital Marketing and Tech Solutions

FranTech Technology Toolkit

The IFA FranTech Toolkit is designed to help marketing, communications and information technology franchise professionals navigate the maze of digital marketing and technology solutions available to franchises today.

Find eight different ways that technology is helping to improve efficiencies and positively impact bottom lines.  Topics include a localizing your email marketing strategy; social, local and mobile marketing changes everything and online marketing.  This special advertising section is essential reading for your next strategy session.


Franchise Digital Marketing & Technology in the Spotlight

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Franchises on Facebook

Facebook is in the news again for new functionality letting businesses use CRM email addresses to target customers with hyper-relevant ads. It got me thinking about Facebook and an Interesting story from Todd Leiser examining the most “Liked” franchises on Facebook.

Todd analyzed Franchised Brands’ relative rank in Facebook “Likes” compared to their overall size, based on world-wide sales and then tracked their growth over the course of several months during the summer.

He touches on the leaders like McDonald’s, Subway, Taco Bell, Buffalo Wild Wings and Pizza Hut but what was interesting was the growth of several brands:

  • KFC  — Gained 818,000 “likes” (+35.9%)
  • IHop –= Gained 581,826 “likes” (+33.3%)
  • Sonic — Gained 496,962 “likes” (+33.4%)
  • Applebees — Gained 592,000 “likes” (+23.7%)
  • Red Robin added 164,985 new “likes”, an increase of 44.1%

You can read the full story here. Todd has offered to make the complete research data available. He’ll also be presenting the information in Las Vegas at IFA’s 53rd Annual Convention during the ICFE Special Session on Social Media & Franchising