CEO of Tasti D-Lite discusses job creation on FOX and Friends


In a speech in Roanoke Virginia, President Obama spoke of job creators as having a business that “you didn’t build. Someone else made that happen.” Jim Amos, who built the well known frozen yogurt franchise Tasti D-Lite, joined FOX and Friends to react to the President’s comments and speak about how Obamacare will place unnecessary burdens on the franchise small business community.    

“It is troubling because of what it reflects in the lack of understanding of small business and small business owners,” Jim Amos, CEO of the Tasti D-Lite told FOX.  “Every net job in America since 1984 has come from small businesses.” People from all over the world have come here seeking the American promise, a promise of “business ownership”.  What Amos doesn’t see of the President, after having his first job at the iconic Baskin Robbins, is the knowledge of how the franchise business format can be a job generating engine. 

With regards to Obamacare, Amos says “the concern is that even though the Supreme Court decided as a tax that Obamacare is constitutional, that doesn’t make it workable.”  When a company reaches 50 employees, you have to make a choice of increased costs or paying the penalties, Amos explains. According to a report by the Hudson Institute this will place 3.2 million jobs at risk and add 6.4 billion in additional costs for franchising and then becomes as Amos sees it, “a disincentive and not a net growth expander.”

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