College Hunks Founder Speaks at The Atlantic Small Business Forum

Just finishing college in Washington D.C., Nick Friedman was one of the lucky few to land a good job at a consulting firm.  With only a few days under his belt, he realized this wasn’t what he wanted to do for the rest of his life and reached out to his longtime friend to launch a business plan they had thought up some years back.  Soon after, Friedman and his friend quit their jobs, borrowed a van and told their parents they were starting their own company moving away people’s unwanted items.

Today, College Kids Hauling Junk employs 500 people and operates under 48 different locations across the country.  Friedman spoke at The Atlantic Small Business Forum, Dec. 12, in Washington D.C., to let hopeful entrepreneurs know the secrets to starting your own company.  “Discipline and determination have a lot to do with making a business successful,” Friedman explains.  “We needed to learn it took to separate ourselves from just another moving company with a truck.” Joining entrepreneurial type programs has also allowed Friedman to educate himself in the business and learn what it would take to, “move your company into the future.”

College Hunks Hauling Junk began franchising in 2008, which Friedman describes as the right business model for his brand.  “The best way for us to pursue our vision and still grow our brand was to franchise—it allows for expansion,” states Friedman.

Franchising has allowed Friedman to grow his brand on short capital and resources. Although franchise owners have had a harder time now than ever getting the funding necessary to expand, Friedman is optimistic about the future.  “We are seeing improvements in our company every day.”

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