Customer satisfaction is key to 7-Eleven success

IFA Chairman Ken Walker welcomes DePinto at IFA Convention

7-Eleven President and CEO Joseph DePinto told IFA Convention attendees that the success of his company can be credited to the commitment of giving customers what they want. 

And DePinto knows all about customer satisfaction.  He credits his appearance on CBS’s popular “Undercover Boss” series in February 2010, where he swept floors, brewed coffee and made deliveries, for his first-hand experience meeting customers needs. Kicking off Day 2 to the Convention, DePinto said that even though 7-Eleven serves 40 million customers a day all around the globe, their model is to focus on local needs and demands like any local neighborhood store.  “Franchisees are the backbone of who we are,” he said, because they are critical to informing the company about customer demands.   

7-Eleven invested $1 billion to help franchisees tailor their stores to local markets.  By implementing systems to help franchisees know what is selling in their stores and what is not, the company is doing a better job of changing products rapidly to meet local customer demands and drive the company’s success. 

Posted by Alisa Harrison, IFA VP Communications & Marketing