Does the President Owe America’s Small Business Owners an Apology?

Last weekend at a campaign rally in Roanoke, Va., President Barack Obama brazenly stated that, “If you own a business… you didn’t build that.”

Understandably, America’s small business owners were shocked and offended.  Take a look at the following ad by American Crossroads, where small business owners express their concerns for the President’s comments:

This week also saw the release of the disconcerting news that the President has not met with his much-balleyhooed Jobs Council in over six months.  As if his stewardship of the economy weren’t already in question, the President’s disdainful comments toward business owners seemed to solidify the already-congealing notion that he is out of touch with small business owners and job creators that have the potential to drive the much-needed American economic recovery.

On Thursday, IFA President and CEO Steve Caldeira appeared on FOX Business’ program Cavuto to discuss the President’s recent tax proposal that would substantially increase taxes for franchise small business owners, since more than 80% of franchisees file their business income on their individual returns.  Caldeira told host Neil Cavuto that, if he were a small business owner, he would ask the President for an apology.  And who would blame him?

Caldeira also sent a letter to the President this week, criticizing his recent tax proposal and urging a set of comprehensive tax reforms that will address both corporate and individual rates and provide for more certainty for businesses looking to grow and hire.

What the President fails to grasp is that the sweat equity and entrepreneurial spirit of franchise small business owners has produced an industry that supports nearly 18 million jobs and $2.1 trillion in economic output.  That’s what business owners have built.

Please answer our poll question below, and comment below, if you think that small business owners deserve an apology from President Obama.

Should President Obama apologize to small business owners for his comments?

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