From CEO to employee: Steve Greenbaum goes undercover at PostNet locations to learn what holds his company together

PostNet is the world’s fastest growing chain of neighborhood business centers.  Headquartered in Denver, CO, the company has grown to more than 700 locations in 39 states across the US, including a strong international presence in nine countries.  Steve Greenbaum co-founded the company in Las Vegas, when post offices failed to supply shipping materials to customers.  Now CEO, Greenbaum is focused on PostNet being the only business in America focused on providing resources to small businesses everywhere.

Hitting the road and going undercover within his own company on CBS’ Undercover Boss, Greenbaum hoped to experience firsthand, “the challenges that our franchise owners go through every day and learn what we can do to continue to help improve their businesses.”

“We need to take a look at what can be done to make our stores more than just another business,” said Greenbaum.  Working undercover as a packaging specialist in his Bronx, NY, location, Greenbaum worked side by side a Marine Veteran and realized how franchising, with a structured working environment, has become a perfect fit for veterans transitioning back into civilian life.

Las Vegas, the birthplace of the company, has been hit hard by the sluggish economy and Greenbaum wanted to visit stores there to make sure his brand was intact and the company was doing everything it could to continue to promote growth.  “To see owners survive and not thrive is disheartening,” Greenbaum explains.  “We want to be providing everything we can to get owners hiring again.”

By going undercover, Greenbaum found answers that were unexpected.  “It has given me the chance to understand how my personal journey relates to each franchise owner. I wasn’t always the CEO of PostNet and you never want to forget where you came from.”

Besides giving away close to $140,000 to the employees he visited with for school tuition, new houses, family vacations and personal charities, Greenbaum walked away from the show knowing, “PostNet is bigger than one individual. It is about the organization and the franchise owners.”

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