Getting lenders more comfortable with franchising

IFA leaders will speak to the nation’s top small business lenders during the National Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders’ (NAGGL) Small Business Administration Technical Conference this week in Atlanta as part of IFA’s Credit Access Road Show and broader efforts to improve credit access for franchise businesses and educate lenders on the benefits of franchise lending.

The ongoing IFA campaign will showcase how the franchise industry’s proven, structured, and scalable business model can translate into more profit and less risk for lenders offering small-business loans. 

IFA leaders will be speaking at events and addressing the media throughout the country as part of the campaign, in partnership with, among others, IFA’s anchor partners from last month’s Small Business Lending Summit, which included NAGGL, the Consumer Bankers Association, the National Restaurant Association and CIT Group. 

Stay tuned to IFA’s FranBlog for the latest on the IFA’s efforts to loosen credit for franchise businesses to thrive.