In Case You Missed It: Government Affairs Panel – PAC 2012 #FranchiseJobs

Midway through the first day of PAC 2012, IFA held a panel discussion with IFA’s Senior Vice President of Government Relations and Public Policy Judith Thorman, Vice President of Government Relations and Public Policy Jay Perron and Director of State Government Relations, Public Policy and Tax Counsel Dean Heyl. They illuminated IFA’s proactive efforts to protect the interests of IFA on issues like healthcare reform, workforce policy, and what franchisors can do to be active in IFA’s government affairs space.

Thorman drove home the fact that the franchise business model is not a partisan issue because franchises create jobs in every Congressional district around the country.

One unique characteristic of IFA’s priorities is that they represent both franchisees and franchisors. Franchisees generally file taxes as individuals and franchisors generally file as corporations, putting IFA’s interests at both ends of the tax reform debate – making comprehensive tax reform one of IFA’s highest priorities.

More than anything, active participation is the key to successful government advocacy and that was the underlying message the panel drove home. It takes individual franchise owners speaking to their representatives, along with lobbying efforts, to enact visible change. Franchising equals jobs, and the only way that our leaders will understand this is with the active participation of franchisers in IFA’s government advocacy efforts.