If a disaster or pandemic strikes, is your franchise business ready?


IFA participated in the kick-off event of the American Red Cross Ready Rating Program, a new, free, online tool designed to help businesses better prepare for emergencies.  Franchise businesses face a number of emergencies that could disrupt their organizations at any time, and the American Red Cross is helping everyone feel more confident about the safety of their employees. 

The National Launch was focused on raising awareness amongst the business community of the need to be prepared in the event of a natural disaster in order to reduce the 15-40 percent of businesses that fail following a natural or manmade disaster. 

The Ready Rating program starts with an assessment of how a business or organization is prepared to handle a disaster, and then gives customized feedback on how to improve.  A 2009 Red Cross survey showed that 51 percent of Americans have experienced one emergency situation, and although 89 percent of those surveyed believe it is important to be prepared for emergencies, few are actually taking the steps necessary to prepare. 

The program is designed specifically to help those that are in the beginning stages of planning for emergencies, Gail McGovern, president and CEO of the Red Cross is confident in the Red Cross efforts during disasters, but claims “the Red Cross can’t do it all, and businesses, schools, and citizens must be ready to take care of themselves and their neighbors.” 

For more information about the ReadyRating program and to see whether your school or business is prepared to handle an emergency and what everyone can do to become more informed, visit www.ReadyRating.org or call 877-715-0123. 

Posted by Matt Haller, IFA Director of Communications