IFA FRANCHISING VOTES CAMPAIGN: Which candidate would be favorable to franchising?



Welcome to Franchising Votes – the IFA’s new online voter education campaign that aims to ensure the franchise business community has the tools necessary to make an informed decision at the ballot box and get out to vote on November 6th. The below candidate comparison is the first in a series of information IFA will provide between now and Election Day to help keep you informed and get you and your employees and franchisees motivated to vote.  Below, you will find a comparison of President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney,  detailing where each stands on some of IFA’s key issues, taken either from the responses to a questionnaire IFA sent to each campaign or from the campaigns’ websites. We hope this document serves as a useful tool when making your decision on Election Day and encourage you to send this comparison to your employees, colleagues and friends in the franchise industry.  For more information please contact Erica Fitzsimmons, Director Political Affairs & Grassroots Advocacy at efitzsimmons@franchise.org or at 202-662-0760. 

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