IFA hosts tele-town hall to support members with the information needed to cast an informed ballot on Election Day



Last week, IFA held a tele-town hall, sponsored by Franchise Payments Network with the Romney for President campaign surrogate Former SBA Administrator Hector Barreto as part of the 2012 Franchising Votes campaign which intends to support our IFA members with the information they need to cast an informed ballot on Election Day. As part of the campaign, the IFA believes it is important to hear directly from each of the Presidential campaigns about what their Administration would do to support the franchise business community in the coming years.  (Please note, IFA is still actively working to schedule a town hall call with the Obama for America campaign over the next two weeks).

The call started with IFA President & CEO Steve Caldeira who noted that “This is truly a critical election. If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to visit www.FranchisingVotes.com for all of the tools and resources you might need.” The policies from either Administration moving forward will have a direct impact on franchise businesses in the years to come. It is critically important that we are all well-informed as we head to the voting booth.

Former SBA Administrator stated that Governor Romney understands that many small businesses are hurting and need policies and regulations to start and grow their businesses especially as it relates to tax policy. They believe that “Governor Romney’s five point plan will get business back on track and create millions of new jobs.” In addition, Barreto noted that the Governor will create the right environment for small business and knows the importance of championing job creators and creating more tax certainty so that business owners can have the tools to continue to create jobs.

As it relates to small business lending, Administrator Barreto said that Governor Romney understands that  small businesses are really struggling to get the loans needed to start and grow their businesses and a Romney Administration would reengage the lending community to help better ensure that business owners are getting the capital they need. Administrator Barreto noted Governor Romney’s first-hand experience in growing businesses and creating new jobs.

Finally, Governor Romney would act to repeal and replace the recent health care legislation on his first day in office with common sense solutions. Administrator Barreto said that “Obamacare is not the right solution for our country, our economy and definitely not for our small businesses.”  IFA actively opposed Obamacare, in particular, IFA opposes the employer mandate in the legislation which could put 3.2 million franchise jobs at risk.

For the full recording of the tele-town hall call please go to: http://emarket.franchise.org/RomneyConferenceRecording.wav