IFA leadership on small business access to capital continues

As noted in today’s POLITICO Morning Money newsletter, IFA continues to expand its “Small Business Access to Capital Coalition.

Following the POLITICO oped last week from IFA President & CEO Steve Caldeira, Financial Services Roundtable President & CEO Steve Bartlett, Consumer Bankers Association President Richard Hunt and National Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders President & CEO Tony Wilkinson, IFA today delivered a letter signed by 21 trade groups representing small business, retail and banking groups asking Congress:

“for an increase in SBA funding for FY 2012 above FY 2011 levels; funds to extend the loan guarantees for SBA’s 7a; and funds to extend fee waivers for the 7a and 504 programs.”

Here’s a link to the letter. 

For more on IFA’s effort to boost capital access for franchise businesses, check out www.smallbusinesslendinghub.com or www.franchise.org/creditaccess.aspx.

Posted by Matt Haller, IFA Sr. Director of Communications