Jania Bailey, President and COO, FranNet promotes new tool to help franchise small businesses participate in regulatory development



jania_2012headshot (5)The announcement by House Small Business Committee Chairman Sam Graves (R-MO) of a new initiative to help small businesses participate in the development of federal regulations is a positive step toward enabling small business like mine, and for my franchisees and other small business owners throughout America, to voice our concerns directly to regulators in Washington, D.C.

Whereas large corporations may have hundreds of lobbyists, lawyers and regulatory experts on staff, my franchisees are focused on growing and executing their business and are unable to retain the type of regulatory guidance necessary to influence the decision-making process on regulations that will have an impact on all businesses. The online resource, “Small Biz Reg Watch, will streamline that process, allowing small business owners like myself to ensure our concerns are taken into consideration when agencies develop final rules for complying with regulations.

While the franchise industry is responsible for the creation of one out of every eight sector jobs, it is essential that small business owners make their voice heard as federal regulations are being considered.  I look forward to promoting this new tool and encourage other small business owners to communicate their concerns about regulations.

Jania Bailey,CFE
President & COO