Jimmy John’s CEO: Obamacare forces us to raise costs



Ahead of a very important debate tonight for Democrats and Republicans, Jimmy John Liautaud, founder and CEO of Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwich Company, stopped by Neil Cavuto last night to explain that even though his company has thrived under Democratic and Republican Presidents, they are beginning to hold back on current expansions.  “About 80 percent of our growth has come from existing franchisees, but what is happening right now is a lot of franchisees are holding back because they are unsure what will happen with the future of Obamacare,” explains Liautaud.

Jimmy John’s, which employs about 60,000 hourly workers, states that they will have to cut back the hours of those workers because there is no other way they will be able to survive. To view the full interview on FOX News click here.