Meet small firms’ needs in reform



IFA member Ron Bacskai, owner of CertaPro in West Chester explained to the Philadelphia Inquirer the importance for comprehensive tax reform to include more than just the corporate side of the tax code.

There is no doubt that we need comprehensive tax reform. But as the saying goes, the devil is in the details (“Tour promotes real tax reform,” July 29). As an entrepreneur who works all over Pennsylvania, I am concerned that reform may mean reform only for big companies. Reform that addresses only the corporate side of the tax code would overlook many franchise owners, like myself. The International Franchise Association, of which I am a member as owner of CertaPro Painters in West Chester, has consistently advocated for a simpler tax code that would reduce compliance costs and provide greater certainty for small-business owners. Done right, comprehensive reform will revitalize the private sector and jump-start a more robust recovery. However, because small-business owners file their taxes as individuals, tax reform must fix both the corporate and individual sides to truly be real reform. 

Ron Bacskai, West Chester