Merrie Spaeth on Crisis Communication at the Legal Symposium



I was over at the Legal Symposium this morning because I wanted to catch Merrie Spaeth and a couple of the other sessions. Merrie is a communications pro and it showed during her keynote.

Merrie Spaeth, Spaeth Communications, after her keynote at the IFA Legal Symposium.

I like it when the person at the podium actually practices what they preach. Merrie spoke about many topics including the power of video as a communication channel, and her presentation was filled with probably two dozen video examples to support what she said.

She has a lot of these concepts over at her video channel, including this one on “acknowledgement phrases.”

Merrie gave tips for anyone getting in front of the video camera, including c-level executives:

  • rehearsed, not scripted
  • focus on positive words
  • clean and professional but not produced

Another thing Merrie commented on was “practice portable video.” Well, I need practice. She was a trooper and let me stumble through a short video where she talks a bit about another concept for leadership “Good Words.”

We’ll have better video and photos available when we get them back from our pros. In the meantime, if you’re over at the Legal Symposium and saw Merrie, leave your thoughts in the comments below.