National Health Care Reform: One Year Later….

It’s been one year this week since President Obama signed historic healthcare overhaul legislation, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). The International Franchise Association opposed the legislation following its introduction in Congress, choosing instead to support legislative efforts that would increase the access and affordability of health insurance for franchised businesses and its employees.  Specifically, the IFA has supported policies that will: 

  • Employ market-based reforms to expand competition and choice in all markets for the purchase of private health insurance
  • Provide tax incentives to assist with the purchase of health insurance
  • Increase the healthcare options and products available to employers and employees
  • Lead to increased transparency for consumers

IFA’s grassroots efforts from its engaged membership, specifically from the Franchise Congress members, have effectively and consistently communicated their opposition to this law with elected officials. During several meetings at last fall’s IFA Public Affairs Conference, health care reform served as one of the top key issues attendees discussed during individual meetings with their members of Congress during visits on Capitol Hill. 

After the health care law took effect last year, the IFA took the lead in offering a series of informative webinars to its members, working to educate and answer questions on what the new law would mean for franchised businesses.

While the IFA continues to support full repeal of the PPACA, currently Congress has been taking a more piecemeal approach to fixing parts of the legislation the business community has expressed concerns with, including the onerous employer mandate provision. IFA is supporting this measure and is currently encouraging franchise business owners to send a quick email to your Senators.

The IFA will continue to keep you informed in the coming months on this critical issue, and we thank you for your continued engagement.

Posted by Meredith Nethercutt, IFA Director of Advocacy