On Memorial Day, Wounded Warrior Shilo Harris, moving on with his life successfully through franchising





Retired Staff Sergeant Shilo Harris is no stranger to the IFA, having spoken at IFA’s Public Affairs Conference in 2011 and featured as a personality at the 2012 IFA Convention. He’s a Wounded Warrior, veteran of the U.S. Army, motivational speaker and now, WIN Home Inspection’s newest Strategic-Partner. Working alongside his son and wife in San Antonio, Harris has embarked on his recent role as a franchise business owner and has not looked back.

While serving in Iraq in 2007, his patrol vehicle was struck by an improvised explosive device (I.E.D). Harris was in a coma for 48 days, had third-degree burns on 35% of his body, lost his ears, the tip of his nose and three fingers, and has since undergone roughly 50 surgeries. Harris recognizes that everything that happened while serving has helped him to become who he is today.

As a 2012 recipient of WIN’s “WIN for America” program, Harris’ franchise fee was waived as WIN worked hand in hand to ensure the success of Harris in terms of securing financing and facilitating training. WIN committed $1.2 million dollars to honor veterans through the “WIN for America” program and are honored to add Harris to their roster, in which 25% of the company is comprised of veterans.

“At WIN, we believe in leveraging the training and skills veterans are taught in combat, to achieve civilian world accomplishments,” says Steve Wadlington, President of WIN Home Inspection. “Shilo regards core values, commitment, and teamwork, thus making him ideally positioned for success within our system.”

Harris is quick to say that family comes first and is thrilled to be in business with his son as his partner, and his wife as his marketing hand. “Through WIN, I’m able to provide for my family, alongside my family,” says Harris. “I’ve been given an opportunity to move forward in life and while my new role as business owner is the next step in my journey, I will never stop advocating for other veterans and Wounded Warriors to let them know there are options beyond service and combat.”