ICYMI: Day 2 Political Panel – PAC 2012 #FranchiseJobs

The second day of the IFA Public Affairs Conference got off to a resounding start Tuesday morning with spirited political panel with Ed Gillespie and Terry McAuliffe, the former Chairmen of the RNC and DNC respectively. Each gave their analysis of the presidential election thus far, their predictions, and how it would affect small businesses, particularly in the franchising industry.

Gillespie highlighted key factors concerning IFA members, such as the high unemployment rate (still above 8%), lack of job creation (less jobs exist than when Obama entered office), and the prevalent economic uncertainty. McAuliffe touched on President Bill Clinton’s jobs record and discussed the importance of bipartisan cooperation and more pro-business policy.

Both speakers continued to advocate for their side of the political spectrum in a highly passionate way through the Q&A session while also encouraging IFA members to stay politically engaged as they were preparing to spend the day meeting with their elected officials on Capitol Hill.

Following this panel, IFA members, divided up into state delegations, spent time strategizing about who would speak regarding which issues and how they would be most effective having their voices heard while on the Hill. The room was buzzing with ideas, enthusiastic conversation, and the collective determination to let Congress know that franchising creates local jobs and is a great bet to make in the pursuit of economic prosperity.