Relive Francamp

I had a great time at FranCamp last week. It’s always good to be able to get out and actually meet the people you “talk” with through email or social media channels. I don’t do that often enough. Beyond getting a change to put faces with names, there was a ton of great content. If you missed it, you’re in luck. There are plenty of ways to relive FranCamp even if you weren’t there.

If you like video, they Ustreamed the entire program so you can watch all the sessions. I embedded Jack Monson’s presentation on monitoring and leveraging social media programs below to get you started but you can watch all the videos over at the Ustream FranCamp channel. They’re broken up into segments in the tab on the right of the page.


Don’t have time to watch the entire session of a video? Todd Leiser wrote a great post wrapping up his session “Building the Perfect Social Media Campaign.” Brooke Howell did an excellent piece summing up Clarissa Windham-Bradstock’s session on cyber-harassment.

Wonder what was happening on social media while this whole thing was going on? This is one of the few events where the organizers of the event will encourage you to use your mobile devices or tweet during actual sessions. As you’re following along you can get a real feel for how the people are experiencing the session.

You can read the entire twitter stream by doing a twitter search on the #francamp hashtag. It’s especially interesting because you can see not only how many people were tweeting, but how many people were including photos and videos in the tweets (like the one below) while the event was going on. This trend is only going to get bigger.