Senate Procedural Move May Get 1099 Repeal to President Obama?

Deem & Pass… its a term of art derived from the U.S. Senate’s playbook, I mean rulebook.  Senate leadership from both parties are close to reaching an agreement that could allow Senators to vote on the IFA-supported Johanns (R-NE) amendment to repeal the expanded 1099 reporting requirements. 


A second-degree amendment is being offered by Sen. Menendez (D-NJ) that would require a study be conducted to determine if the pay-for included in the Johanns amendment would be detrimental.  If the Dept. of Health & Human Services did find it detrimental, then the 1099 reporting provision could go back into law. 

The Menendez vote paves the way for Senators who disagree with the way 1099 repeal is paid for to vote against it. 

We are hopeful the Johanns amendment will pass and the Menendez amendment will fail to reach the 60 vote threshold required to amend the 1099 repeal legislation that has already passed the House of Representatives.

If Senate leaders agree to the terms of debate moving forward, the Senate may “Deem & Pass” the Johanns amendment and send it directly to the President for his signature–possibly as soon as this week.

While the White House does not agree with the way the 1099 repeal is paid for, President Obama has not issued a veto threat. 

This long, strange legislative voyage is getting closer to being over.  Keep your fingers crossed, and keep calling your Senators to support the Johanns amendment!

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Posted by Jason Straczewski, IFA Senior Director of Government Relations & Public Policy