Record-breaking fundraising for FranPAC at IFA’s 51st Annual Convention


Over the last three days at IFA’s 51st Annual Convention, FranPAC, IFA’s political action committee, has raised a record $170,000 from association members. The fundraising charge was lead by members of the FranPAC Advisory Board and President’s Council, promoting the 365 Club, 1K Club and Max Donor program.  The successful fundraising is a great example of the franchising community coming together to support IFA’s legislative and political agenda. 

THANK YOU to all our generous contributors!

FranPAC supports pro-business, pro-franchising candidates for the House of Representatives and Senate. By establishing and maintaining direct lines of communication with lawmakers, FranPAC serves as a valuable tool for building positive relationships with elected officials. For more information about FranPAC please contact Victoria Adams at 

Posted by Victoria Adams, IFA Director of Political Affairs