The National Defense Radio Show explores IFA’s VetFran Pavilion during Convention

The National Defense Radio Show was onsite during IFA’s Annual Convention last month in Orlando, exploring IFA’s new VetFran Pavilion.  IFA is concentrating its efforts on increasing job opportunities and programs available to Veterans, while building initiatives to get veterans into franchising at huge discounts.

Mary Thompson a Marine Corps Captain and now President of Mr. Rooter plumbing, knows she was lucky franchising found her and isn’t surprised that veterans make such good employers. “With a military background, veterans have been trained with discipline, leadership and have a strong work ethic.  Franchising allows veterans to excel in skills they have obtained from serving,” Mary told National Defense Radio while at IFA’s Convention.

More than 450 franchisors are offering their best discounts to veterans entering franchising through IFA’s VetFran program.  The UPS Store is adding to that by waiving the entire franchise fee to the first ten veterans.  Ted Price of The UPS Store says the company’s goal is to help veterans that are coming back to a bad economy integrate back into society.  “Veterans make great franchisees because they know how to follow a system and that’s really the heart of a franchise,” Ted told Randy, host of National Defense Radio show.

Also making its first appearance at IFA’s Convention was the Hero2Hired mobile job store truck, where SGM Bowser told National defense Radio their mission was simple, “to link employers to the job seekers.” 

With 1 out of every 7 jobs created by franchising, IFA has committed to hire and recruit 75,000 veterans and 5,000 wounded warriors by 2014 as part of IFA’s Enduring Opportunity campaign and the White House Joining Forces Initiative.  SSG Shilo Harris, a veteran himself, who stopped by the VetFran Pavilion is able to relate to the problems facing veterans that are coming home today and understands that “veterans have so much to offer and are able to utilize their skills learned in the military and IFA and franchising are giving veterans that chance to succeed and once again provide for their families.” 

For more information on IFA’s VetFran program or Operation Enduring Opportunity visit and to listen to the full interview click here.