Thousands join IFA town hall call on health care ruling

If you decided to join us for the town hall call today, you weren’t alone. Nearly 2,200 people joined the call to hear IFA’s perspective on the Supreme Court’s ruling on health care and its potential impact on franchising and small business. If you missed the call, you can still listen to the recording (also in wav format).

From left: Judith Thorman, Senior Vice President of Government Relations & Public Policy; Stephen J. Caldeira CFE, President & CEO; and Matt Haller Vice President, Public Affairs and Chief of Staff to the President & CEO prepare for the town hall.

IFA President Steve Caldeira opened the call by saying how disappointed IFA is with the Supreme Court ruling. By upholding the law 3.2 million jobs at franchise businesses continue to be at risk due to the employer mandate provision that discourages and disincentives the creation of new jobs.

One of the features of the technology IFA used is the ability to conduct live polls during the call. Steve asked if the Supreme Court’s ruling would make business owners more or less likely to hire workers or expand their business in the coming months. 85% of the more than 200 participants of the call that responded said the ruling would make them less likely to hire or expand their business.

The Town Hall panel made up of Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.), one of the leading health care policy experts in Congress; Judith Thorman, IFA’s Senior Vice President of Government Relations & Public Policy; and Anne Phelps, Principal at Washington Council Ernst & Young took a number of questions from callers on details of the legislation.

Questions covered on the call included:

  • impact of the law’s employer mandate requirement to provide coverage
  • penalties associated with not providing coverage
  • reporting requirements
  • definitions dealing with full-time versus part-time workers

At the end of the call, Steve reminded everyone that they needed to be involved with their Congressional representative to make sure their voice is heard on this important legislation. One way you can do this is by attending the IFA Public Affairs Conference. There is no registration fee for the event and IFA staff will make an appointment with your local representative in Congress.

You can share your thoughts about the call or the ruling in the comments below.